Jackie Naughton is the founder and managing director of an independent consulting and training company here in South Africa as well as servicing clients within the United Kingdom.  BYC now successfully employs 22 qualified resources.

Jackie emigrated to Cape Town ten years ago following a long and successful career working for the largest global outsourcer of customer services solutions in the world and set up the company BYC – Solution Delivery.

Prior to her outsource career, she worked within the financial services industry where she managed both retail and direct outlets for one of the UK’s largest insurers.

Jackie’s role for her previous employer was executive director of their European operations and client base consisting of 4,500 workstations across 13 various European countries.  She gained enormous experience whilst working in all continents globally in understanding the key elements of operating a successful contact centre operation.

She has successfully designed, implemented and managed many customer sales and service environments during her two decades of working within the arena, covering Europe, US, Asia and Africa.

Within South Africa Jackie delivers customer service solutions and training to her clients working on encouragement of skills within the contact centre arena and constantly encouraging foreign investors to see the South African market place as a meaningful and long-term strategic solution for their offshore needs.

During her time in South Africa, Jackie has worked passionately in creating meaningful employment for young South Africans within the contact centre industry and has shown some excellent successes in this regard.

Her company assists clients in contact centre design, implementation, operating effective practices for all elements of people, process and technology.  In addition, her outsourced Quality Assurance Solution is aiding many companies in achieving complete brand alignment in their customer sales and service solutions across all industry sectors.

Jackie has been chosen as one of the South African contact centre industry judges for the last seven years to assist the industry in SA drive the international skills transfer achieved during her exceptionally successful career to date as well as assist in educating industry bodies in SA on the most effective way to operate customer service solutions via the contact centre environment.  Her reputation internationally still lends itself as one of the most effective operational directors known throughout Europe.

Contact Details

Jackie Naughton
22 Welwyn Avenue, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405

Mobile:            +27 (0) 82-553-3576

Office:              +27 (0) 21 531 4487
Fax:                  0860 900156
Email:         Jackie@byc.co.za

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