Lynnette Morris, the managing member, Contact Centre Coach and the academy director, Contact Centre Academy, is an independent specialist Contact Centre Management Consultant; Executive Coach and Trainer. She has 20 years experience in the contact centre service and sales industry from defining customer contact strategies, facilitating the development of best practice contact centres; auditing and assessing contact centres; deploying quality management and customer experience initiatives, developing bespoke skills development programmes and implementing standardization initiatives across 16 operations in Africa to support the achievement of developed service strategies and operational support plans.

Lynnette has worked as a contact centre consultant in 17 countries across Africa in the following industries- telecommunications, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), banking, retail, emergency services, insurance, transport, PayTv, energy, facilities management, outsourcing and management consulting.

Lynnette’s hands on experience has provided her with an in-depth understanding of the importance of good customer care strategy balanced with excellent customer interfacing skills, the need for customer-focused products, processes and support infrastructure. This understanding plus her passion for skills transference led her career to supporting these channels, by providing consulting, training and skills development that is aligned to customer’s needs, expectations and business objectives to achieve best results for the organisation. These services are provided through the the Contact Centre Coach that was founded by Lynnette and is focused on improving contact centre’s abilities to improve their performance through clear directional strategies, supportive structures and enabled staff to be more effective and efficient in what they do resulting in reduction of operating costs, improved customer and staff satisfaction whereas the Contact Centre Academy is focused on developing operational contact centre leadership, management and supervisory skills for Managers, Supervisors and Support Specialists in the Contact Centre Industry. The Contact Centre Academy provides the opportunity for Managers, Supervisors and Specialist support teams to receive operational skills to build their capability in performing their functions. Her approach to facilitate the development of strategic or operational contact centre skills is always with colourful enthusiasm, energy and a practical methodology that she can proudly look back at her delegates who have attended her programmes and admire their development as customer service brand leaders or contact centre professionals that are passionate about service delivery and improving the customer’s experience.

Lynnette is known for building long-term relationships with her clients by ensuring that all products and services provided are used to achieve their defined outcomes. This methodology has led her to provide individual attention to her customer base and therefore seen as part of the organisations that she works with and not only as a “Consultant”. The achievement of incremental improvements across telecommunications contact centres in 17 countries (Anglophone and Francophone) in Africa, resulted in the appointment as Strategic Customer Care Consultant  (2006 – 2009) responsible for the development of a defined customer care strategic direction, policy manual and to develop all contact centre management functions from the Customer Care Director, the Managers for Inbound, Outbound, Service Centre, Support function, all the supervisors within these functional areas, the development of the Contact Centre Support teams and the accreditation of all trainers to train the customized contact centre approved programmes.

Lynnette started her career informally at Clientele life in 1992 and then formally into the Call Centre industry in 1994 at M-Tel (Pty) ltd and developed her career to being appointed as the MTN Call Centre Training Manager and then as the MTN Subscriber Operations Training Manager. She left MTN to start a Call Centre Consulting company – mma; Margie Middleton & Associates with her two partners and in 2002 formed her own company – The Skills Facilitator which was renamed in 2010 as the Contact Centre Coach & Contact Centre Academy.

The Contact Centre Coach and Contact Centre Academy* was established as Lynnette believes that with the growth and pressure to succeed in the industry, it has led to the dilution of skills and experience in the support teams, middle and senior management levels. These tiers are often being fulfilled from internal placements or recruiting staff from other call centres who have been exposed to the role as a development position. Limited access and time availability to attend Contact Centre Strategy and Operational Management programmes has perpetuated the fact that we have our middle management tier performing functions that they actually still require support in to fully understand all aspects of their role and the implication of decisions on their teams and achievement of business objectives.

Lynnette actively participates as a speaker at contact centre conferences and has built strong alliance partnerships with colleagues who promote the positive development of the Contact Centre industry and placing the customer at the centre of all decision-making and actions. Lynnette is the Treasurer for the Independent Contact Centre Association (ICCCA) that is comprised of industry specialists that are able to join forces to provide a fully customised consulting solution for any size project.

Lynnette’s quest for implementing workable solutions and guiding organizations in developing their assets & resources has led her to provide individual attention to her customer base and therefore seen as part of the organizations that she works with, her commitment and creative approach to finding the most efficient and cost effective approach to addressing the organisational, operational and individual needs has ensured that all solutions have a positive impact that leads to the achievement of defined objectives.

For more assistance with either developing contact centre strategy; conducting best practice assessments, consulting support to achieve best practice, executive coaching; contact centre operational capability building skills programmes; learning strategy development and vendor/ client liaison with outsourcing opportunities, contact Lynnette or visit the websites below to gain more information on bespoke services and client’s that have been assisted.

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Lynnette Morris

Contact Centre Academy Director & Contact Centre Coach Managing Member

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