To survive in this dynamic industry, energy is the “must have” ingredient.   Roz tackles every aspect of her business life with enthusiasm and energy.

Her many years in the Contact Centre space have been used to build teams that understand and contribute to the organization’s strategy.   A firm believer in the Contact Centre being a vital component in the strategic planning process she challenges organizations to make this a reality.

From a practical experience perspective she is sensitive to the team dynamics necessary within the business to be successful and to achieve business objectives

Roz is at her best when she works with a team of energetic young people and her skill is to build a team that understands the purpose of what they are doing with the freedom to be innovative in order to deliver beyond customer expectations.

Academically she obtained an M.B.A. from Henley Business School in the United Kingdom. The subject of her dissertation for this purpose was to look at the Contact Centre climate and compare it to be rest of the organization. The study indicated the Contact Centre demonstrated a high level of awareness of the long-term strategy. It also outstripped the rest of the organization in demonstrating a focus on the customer.   The value of being part of a team was illustrated and highly prized, as well as an enabler to achieving the strategy and business plan implementation.

Some time ago she began to advocate the strategic role of the Contact Centre in the business model. The business market and the contact centre industry itself now accepts that we have moved on from the “nice to have” to being an essential part of business.

Inevitably there are instances where there is no defined strategy or the focus of the Contact Centre has changed to such a degree a new strategy is necessary.

In terms of the services Roz is able to provide to an organization she undertakes the following:


Scenario planning

  • Clarify an existing strategy
  • Simplify the strategic message
  • Craft a strategy
  • Create an understanding of the business objectives

This all takes place in a relaxed and informal environment.   Ideally a two day session


Roz uses her experience on the mountain to illustrate and cement the following:

Value of the team

  • Planning essentials
  • Keep the goal in sight

Roz delivers her message in an entertaining manner that combines the strategic message with practical input on how to make it a reality.

Contact Details

Cellphone: 082 602 1363

Office: 011 447 7699