Who we are

Vast industry knowledge. Proven global expertise. Recognised professional skills.

ICCCA – the answer to all contact centre strategic and operational requirements.


ICCCA can offer you the opportunity to draw on a wealth of customer interaction and engagement contact centre skills, talents, experience and expertise, thanks to an international membership that encompasses some of the most proficient industry ‘Thought Leaders’, with a breadth and depth in all Strategic, Operational and Skills Development aspects of Call Centres, Contact Centres and Customer Engagement that is unsurpassed.


ICCCA members are widely recognised as true Thought Leaders

At the Core of ICCCA

[service_box title="1." subtitle="Our Objectives" icon="no" text="The Association have set out clear objectives that promotes Thought Leadership and Best Practice." btn_text="learn more" btn_link="https://iccca.co.za/about-us/objectives/" btn_size="normal" target="_self" custom_class="style_2"]
[service_box title="2." subtitle="Code of Coduct" icon="no" text="We observe the highest standards in business practice and in the practice of providing professional Contact Centre Consulting." btn_text="learn more" btn_link="https://iccca.co.za/about-us/code-of-conduct/" btn_size="normal" target="_self" custom_class="style_2"]
[service_box title="3." subtitle="Code of Ethics" icon="no" text="Our Code of Ethics binds all Members of the Independent Contact Centre Consultants Association.

" btn_text="learn more" btn_link="https://iccca.co.za/about-us/code-of-ethics/" btn_size="normal" target="_self" custom_class="style_2"]

[service_box title="4." subtitle="Articles of Association" icon="no" text="Our Articles of Association assists in establishing a single minded approach within the Association.

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Our Members have vast Industry Knowledge and Expertise