New Members Process:

  • Membership of The Association is strictly by invitation.
  • The prospective new Member must be nominated by an existing Member in good standing.
  • Proposers must be able to demonstrate, by way of a written motivation on the prescribed Member Nomination Form, how the prospective new member will add value to ICCCA.
  • The proposer must secure the support of at least one other Member in good standing to serve as a Seconder who shall be required to countersign the nomination and add their written  motivation. The proposing Member must email his or her completed New Member Nomination Form to the ICCCA Membership Officer, who on receipt of such information, will initiate a “Round Robin” email to the Board, for voting on the nomination of the proposed new member.
  • Acceptance of nomination requires a 75% Board approval.
  • The Proposer and Seconder’s nomination will be verified by the ICCCA Membership Officer.
  • Verified nominations will be forwarded to the Board for approval.   Only the Board may approve Membership Applications.
  • Following approval of the nomination by the Board, the Proposer will be informed by the Membership Officer to proceed with the formal invitation to the proposed member to join the association.  Board members will be copied on the email notification.
  • On acceptance of invitation by the proposed new member, the Proposer will notify the Membership Officer who will send the Membership Application Documents.  Board Members will be copied on the email.
  • On receipt of the completed Membership Application Documents by the Membership Officer, the President will be notified and will send the new Member formal acceptance of membership, together with a notification that the membership will become effective on receipt of payment of the membership fees. 
  • All Members will be copied on the welcome email.
  • The Membership Officer will send the Treasurer the new Member’s billing information.
  • The Treasurer will issue an invoice to the new member for membership fees owing (pro-rata for the financial year). 
  • On receipt of payment the new member will be sent a welcome email that is copied to all members and a welcome pack comprising an ICCCA Membership Certificate, ICCCA Membership Badge, Z-Fold Brochures and Perspex Brochure Holder will be couriered to the new member.

At the Core of ICCCA

Our Objectives

The Association have set out clear objectives that promotes Thought Leadership and Best Practice."

Code of Conduct

We observe the highest standards in business practice and in providing professional Contact Centre Consulting.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics binds all Members of the Independent Contact Centre Consultants Association.

Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association assists in establishing a single minded approach within the Association.