Claire’s career in the call centre industry began over 24 years ago when as a teenager, she started selling credit life out of one of South Africa’s first ever institutionalized financial services call centres in the country.  She has never looked back.

With her self-designed toolbox of strategic training interventions and training methodologies and processes, she has become one of the most sought after trainers and training consultants in the world.

Often referred to by Blue Chip companies and their “best kept secret”, she will empower, up-skill and drive up the bottom line of any call or contact centre and sales environment across any industry.

Her training includes high impact, comprehensive and effective sales training designed to impact and affect the sales behaviour on the sales floor. Her training guarantees ROI driving up the bottom line ensuring a more sustainable, competent and effective sales force.

She has been involved in the development of a revolutionary interactive call centre behavioural management and training platform – Why Guess, which takes the guess work out of ROI and optimises performance against all behavioural competencies.

Claire’s broad portfolio of services also includes motivational speaking, conferences, teambuilding, launches.

Claire has been invited as a guest speaker at International and National Conferences and is a member of the Independent Contact Centre Consultants Association – an association made up of independent Consultants who are experts in their fields in Contact Centres and who have formed one body to provide customised solutions of any size or complexity.