Debby Webster

Services include but not limited to:

  • Auditing and assessment of current environment and project management of the rectification plans and implementations;
  • development and facilitation of various training programmes aimed at Customer Service and Contact Centres including Service Excellence – the Customer Journey, processes and procedures, QA and overall training on People, Process, Technology and Facilities selection or development;
  • business process design or re-design and implementation;
  • job descriptions with associated task analysis and KPIs;
  • quality assurance design and implementation.

Debby Webster has been in the Contact Centre, Service Management and Customer Service Industry for the last 26 years, with expertise ranging across the design, scoping, development, implementation, re-engineering, management and operational running of Contact Centres.  She has a passion for the Service Industry and drives service delivery in line with exceeding customer expectations.  Debby formed Triskel Consulting in 2010 and has worked with many major blue chip and other organisations either setting up or fixing “toxic” Contact Centres.  Her focus is on ensuring that all elements within the Contact Centre “talk to and complement each other” for more information.