Divinia Fernandes-Esch

  • Who we are

In 1994, a middle-aged doctor was on a payphone in a booth when lightning struck him. After a few weeks in recovery, he began composing dozens of complex classical songs—without any music training. He was diagnosed with “acquired savant”.

It’s on this idea—that there is genius waiting to be set free in everyone—that Savant was born. We realise that improving sales doesn’t mean teaching gimmicky techniques or writing quippy scripts, but providing your sales team with the skills they need to become sales savants.

Since 2010, we have refined our approach to professional development by personalising training to each customer’s requirements and individual learner’s ability.

First we analyse your business’s needs. Then we develop customised training materials and use them in our training workshops. Next, we measure the success of the training, and, finally, provide follow-up training in areas that still require attention. Our passionate facilitators have won 3 local and 6 international awards.

Our Offerings

  • Needs analysis 

You have a really nice box.
Don’t change your box—fix it’s flaws. Before we even think about training, we do a full needs analysis to find out where you need the most help. This way you don’t waste money on unnecessary training or focus on those parts of your business that won’t affect your bottom line.

What’s more, we do a further analysis after training to make sure that we’ve addressed the needs we uncovered at the start and to identify any other gaps in knowledge or skills.
You wouldn’t begin home improvements without a diagnosis. Don’t begin training without a needs analysis.

  • Materials development

Let’s upgrade that wheel.
What makes our wheel so special? We take your employees’ knowledge and plug it into reliable frameworks that help them achieve your business objectives—completely customised to your unique situation.

Moreover, our training materials include experiential activities that help learners put their new skills into practise. They also cater for a variety of different learning styles so that no one is left behind.

We’re a little meticulous about our training materials, but that’s why we we’re so proud of them. It’s a hard feeling to beat.

  • Training

Time to reach those goals.
We teach proven sales frameworks that your sales team can plug their knowledge into—not as formal lectures but in practical, real-life scenarios. This teaches your sales team how to engage your customer while using your newly designed sales and objections scripts as support. And the results are pretty phenomenal. We also offer customer services, retentions teams training and customized experiential learning activities to meet your organization’s overall objectives.

  • Leadership programmes

Shake those heads.
Your business is only as good as its leaders. Our leadership and management development programmes are designed to give them the skills they need to motivate your teams.
Just like our sales and customer services training, our leadership development includes practical experiential activities based on real-life situations to help managers gain the experience they need to lead.
Exceptional leaders are not born but made. We’d love to show you how.

  • Coaching

Close the gap.
In a perfect world, your managers spend about 35% of their time developing employees and nurturing talent to meet the needs of your ever-changing business. They provide a constant stream of feedback in frequent reports and still have time to get their jobs done. But this isn’t a perfect world.

Your managers face too many challenges and are under constant time pressure to provide sustained coaching.  We get it.
Coaching employees to become star players takes time and constant effort. We can operate as your coaching team or alongside it to make sure your employees have the skills they need to perform their best in the long term.

  • Masterclasses

Acquire your savant.
Take it up a notch and put your best talent through our intense masterclasses. Whether you’re a sales agent, sales manager, or in-house trainer, you can become your own savant by learning from the masters.

Our passionate facilitators have won the most renowned local and international contact centre industry awards and we’d like nothing more than to share the secret.

Become a savant.