Gavin Aitkinson

  • Customer experience management
  • Process optimization
  • Digitization and automation
  • Customer life cycle management
  • Leadership development

ServiceLab was designed to enhance your customer’s experience of your brand. We focused on enabling businesses to improve their customers’ journeys. This enables the business to deliver exceptional customer service at all touchpoints, adding value to their customers and ensuring sustainability.

This is done through a journey of discovery, whereby we get to understand both the businesses and their customers’ needs and then merge the needs into a customer management strategy. Once this journey is complete, we then ensure that we deliver on both the objectives and outcomes of the strategy to ensure success. This process ensures that all salient aspects are recorded and have a detailed action plan associated with them.

Our in-depth knowledge of the latest technology and trends, coupled with our proven record of accomplishment in leadership development ensures that we not only optimise and improve your client experience; we also educate and empower your workforce to deliver against the new client centric objectives. We believe that it is not good enough just to deploy technology or systems to help improve your customer’s experience of your brand, but you have to bring our most valuable asset – your employees along the journey with you.

We also help companies who have outsourced there customer service functions to BPO operators, extract the maximum value from their outsourced relationship. We do this by leveraging over 20 years of outsourcing experience, process management experience and contract management. We work with all parties to ensure that the SLA metrics are designed to achieve the desired strategic outcomes in the most cost effective manner without compromising the client.

Our desire and passion to ensure that our solutions or fully operationalized immerse us into our client’s business. This results in positive outcomes and fosters long term relationships based on trust and delivery. We live by the motto – Action and Energy.