Hilario Fiandeiro

Top ervice offerings:

  1. Customer Interaction AnalyzerCIA

A customer service interaction is FOUR times more likely to drive disloyalty than to drive loyalty!

This solution allows you to extinguish disloyalty by knowing what’s firing it up and suggesting how you could be handling customer contacts even better.

Stop Assuming. Start Knowing with CIA

  1. Cost Performance Accelerator CPA

In most customer service environments, the cost to serve customers is at least 20% to 30% more than it should be!

This solution allows you to cut costs without cutting quality in your contact centre and beyond.

Stop Wishing. Start Transforming with CPA.

  1. People Productivity Booster – PPB

In South Africa, only 9% of employees are ‘engaged’ at work and almost half the workforce (45%) are ‘actively disengaged’ i.e. staff that are ‘unhappy & unproductive & liable to spread negativity to co-workers’!

This solution allows you to stop the negativity spread by managing people performance holistically, on the back of reliable and relevant performance feedback metrics.

Stop Blaming. Start Delivering with PPB.

  1. Management Mojo Booster – MMB

35% of staff would willingly forgo a substantial pay raise in exchange for seeing their direct manager or supervisor fired!

This solution allows you to provide team leaders and managers personalised actionable feedback on how well they’re managing their teams and coaches them to be better leaders.

Stop Bossing. Start Leading with MMB.

Hilario is an independent management consultant helping organisations deliver 10X better customer service experiences 10X more cost-effectively.

He specialises in finding and implementing sustainable ways to ‘do more with less’ in contact centres and customer-experience environments.

Hire Hilario to help your team:

  • Identify practical ways to ‘cut costs without cutting quality’
  • Design processes that reduce customer effort and increase NPS
  • Navigate the optimal path towards digital transformation
  • Build an AI-powered customer experience centre for the future
  • Secure the budget needed to build a better customer service centre
  • Simplify MIS reports and produce reports with greater clarity and bigger impact
  • Design and implement incentive systems that generate better performance
  • Measure and improve metrics that matter to you and your customers
  • Manage your QA, WFM and/or operational team on an interim basis
  • Teach and coach the ‘ins and outs’ of contact centre operations and processes like QA, WFM.

If you’re looking for an independent expert resource to further boost your team’s performance, then please get in touch with Hilario at hilario@contactcentresmart.com

For more information on please visit his website – www.contactcentresmart.com  or view his LinkedIn profile – https://za.linkedin.com/in/hilariofiandeiro