Lynnette Morris  

Designing and delivering global best practice contact centre solutions to enable positive customer experiences.

Lynnette Morris is a Customer Contact Centre Continuous Improvement Specialist, intent on designing and delivering global best practice customer contact centre solutions enabling positive customer experience outcomes and ensuring customer contact centres are equipped to interact and meet customers’ needs by “design”.

Lynnette’s focus and her drive to developing “best practice” contact centres is evident in the various National and Global industry initiatives that she has voluntarily participated in, to influence the development of the contact centre industry – being;

  • South African Mirror Group Convener for the ISO Customer Contact Centre Service Standards  – participated in the development of this NEW Service standard; collaborating with our global participating member countries in its development. The ISO CCC Standards was successfully published and launched in March 2018
  • Previously the Technical Review Committee Chairlady for the SABS Customer Contact Centre Standards – South African Bureau of Standards – TC 273 (previously referred to as SABS standards reference is SABS 990-1 to 3:2008) – responsible for reviewing and updating the South African Standards to align with the Industry requirements and ISO requirements
  • Participated as a Community Expert Practitioner in the development of the qualification curriculum for the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) OFO143905 Contact Centre Manager/ Workforce Manager qualification – supporting the Services SETA in its role to develop the qualification as an expert advisor; providing the industry needs and expertise to ensure the qualification meets the occupational role requirements.
  • Independent Customer Contact Consultants Association – President and founding member – a voluntary association of customer experience and contact centre industry specialists who adhere to defined codes of conducts and ethics, promote thought leadership and provide peers with sources of industry knowledge, global expertise and support.
  • Interim Gauteng BPeSA Board Member – supporting the initiation of the value proposition and PMO in 2016 and 2017.

Lynnette’s background started as a MTN founder member as a Customer Service Representative (Agent); a position that was not chosen but her subsequent career that developed from there was, as she quickly developed a range of skillsets in the fast growing telecommunications industry. The opportunity to share and enable new start up contact centres was presented, which resulted in Lynnette and her partners creating ‘mma call centre consulting’ company in 2000. In 2002, Lynnette adapted her solution offering and ventured out on her own as The Skills Facilitator and The Contact Centre Coach and Academy. Lynnette has worked with a range of global clients providing a range of solutions to support her Clients in meeting their business requirements and improved customer experience outcomes. Over the last 24 year’s Lynnette’s experience has ranged across geographical locations; industries; for both Captive and Business Process Organisations, across 17 countries in Africa for international organisations; fulfilling a range of client engagements and roles including – green field implementation; quality solutions; customer experience surveys; appointed by an international group as the Strategic Customer Care advisor for developing and implementing the customer care and customer contact strategy across 16 countries in Africa for their multiple operations that ranged in size from small to over 2000 seats; providing vendor liaison engagement consulting for Technology and BPO relationships on behalf of the Client; designing and implementing operational frameworks to support the deployment of customer contact strategies; conducting best practice benchmark assessments and outsourced quality management services and supporting customer driven organisations to improve their performance by deploying ‘bespoke’ continuous improvement projects to address either skills enablement or integrating strategy; technology and/or process improvement projects.

One of Lynnette’s projects was in the capacity of Quality Specialist Consulting Support services to Merchants which she has was in involved with, over the last two years; her exposure of working with Merchants highlighted the opportunity of being able to provide active intelligence to improve the customer experience for all contact centres and not only BPO clients – the “Cortex” being the centre of excellence for WFM and Quality solutions is focused on contributing to improved customer and staff engagement; this opportunity culminated with Merchants progressive approach of “Customer and People First” has facilitated Lynnette’s decision to be part of this talented team that is focused on providing “exceptional everywhere”. The opportunity for all contact centres exists to be supported by the Merchants team of specialist and internationally recognised WFM and Quality experts, to assist all types of Contact Centre’s in achieving “active intelligence’ outcomes by creating the opportunity to improve their customer experience from deploying the WFM and Quality solutions as part of the Cortex service offering.

If your contact centre needs to be designed to deliver or needs to deliver  “active intelligence” to improve your decision-making and customer experience outcomes; then we suggest you engage with Lynnette on how to assist you in achieving your objectives by implementing global best practice WFM and Quality solutions for you or on your behalf; providing results that can be a catalyst to improving your customer’s experiences.

Lynnette Morris
ICCCA President
Email –
Mobile – 0832525154