Roz Broome

Assist in transitioning new business into South Africa through:

  • Due Diligence of Operations in the country of business origin
  • Strategic Project Management role on Transition Team
  • Liaison role between International Client and local Outsource Service Provider
  • Participation in Client decision making such as site and location
  • Identify appropriate business and specialist service providers

Off Shoring

If you are a Client considering South Africa as a destination for your BPO, Roz Broome Consulting can assist your organisation make the decision.

Roz, personally, has worked with Global OSP’s and understands the complexity in off-shoring business and the risks this decision presents.  She has experience in travelling internationally and assisting in the due diligence that is necessary for the Client and the OSP to successfully transition the business.   Travelling on a British Passport she can to respond on very short notice to this travel requirement.

Once the business decision is made Roz can take on a role with the transitioning Project Team to ensure a comprehensive view of the process is presented to ensure that all detail is accounted for.

Roz has a wide network of service providers such as her fellow members of the Independence Call Centre Consultants that she can tap into in order that the Client minimizes risk and has access to relevant and credible expertise.

The South African Market

Recently Roz has worked with clients who are setting up Contact Centres and she has played a significant role in the planning, through project managing new contact centre builds and operational set up

Roz assists local business in addressing contact centre related issues that arise from time to time in a dynamic business such as customer interactions.

This ranges from assisting in identifying the disconnect within the business to coaching teams through understanding the customer experience dynamic.

  • Workshops to raise level of understanding
  • Designing material to be used in training
  • Working with Executive Teams and Leadership to understand their role in driving performance

Crafting, refining and clarifying Customer Experience strategies is a service provided.  Roz works with the business, to create a strategy at Executive level, then ensures that the message is simplified.

Roz also works with OSP’s that would like to present themselves to the Global Market with the objective of securing International Business.    This ranges from evaluating the premises, processes and business fit.

Roz Broome

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