Is your Contact Centre a Strategic Resource?

The contact centre is evolving at such a rapid rate from its traditionally accepted role of a Cost Centre to becoming a Measurable Value Centre.

Your goal should be to have your contact centre recognised in the boardroom as a vital, Quantifiable Revenue and Profit Centre.

Don’t be left behind. Your contact centre needs to be viewed as a significant strategic resource; a true Omni-Channel Customer Interaction and Engagement Centre.

Such evolution requires an unbiased eye to plan, prepare and implement such demanding changes; no single individual can be expected to do everything in respect of such a significant redesign, no matter how talented, experienced or effective that individual may be.

Are you ready for the Contact Centre of the Future?

Whatever type of customer interaction centre you operate, be it Call Centre, Contact Centre, Shared Service Centre, BPO, Back Office, Help Desk or Customer Service Centre – you need to align your operation with corporate objectives and strategies, in order to effect the efficient and effective delivery of specific services or functions.

This has never been more important, as the industry continuously undergoes massive evolutions in technologies, process design and workforce management. 

To achieve the Contact Centre of the future vision, you need to draw on high-level, experience-driven expertise.

You need to be engaging with professionals who understand the ins and outs of the contact centre business and who can assist you to continuously evolve your contact centre away from being merely another cost centre for the organisation, and towards becoming a significant and powerful strategic resource.

ICCCA is the ideal body to help you to achieve such a goal; it’s an organisation that brings together a group of professional, independent contact centre and service delivery consultants and practitioners.

Each member has a minimum of ten years of specialised local and global contact centre experience across various industry sectors.



High-level, Experience-driven Expertise

ICCCA – the answer to all contact centre strategic and operational requirements

ICCCA members are recognised as ‘Thought Leaders’ and, as a collective, offer a greater breadth and depth of industry knowledge that you can draw on by tapping into vast industry knowledge, coupled with well proven international, regional and local experience and expertise.

Proven Global Expertise

ICCCA members’ combined strategy, operations and technology experience across a broad range of verticals, sectors and industries enable our members to present you with a rich portfolio of references for both clients and projects.

Vast Industry Knowledge

Our ICCCA members subscribe to refined peer reviews and quality monitoring protocols and adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, enabling ICCCA to stand unchallenged as a premier provider of specialised, independent consulting and skills development resources and ensuring exemplary services to clients.

Recognised Professional Skills

There are a multitude of good reasons to ensure your call centre continues to evolve towards the contact centre of the future,  and ICCCA is the right organisation to ensure this happens.

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